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Original Swimming Pool at Columbus Park, 1935.
The Jens Jensen Legacy Project educates and informs the public about the legacy and vision of Jens Jensen, a master of American landscape architecture.


A century ago, Jens Jensen helped create a distinctly Midwestern style of municipal parks and private gardens now known as the Prairie Style of landscape architecture. Jensen was a leading force behind the movement to conserve threatened scenic natural areas. The Jens Jensen Legacy Project (JJLP), a joint effort of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Chicago Park District, celebrates Jensen and uses his work as an inspiration for environmental and landscape opportunities in the twenty-first century.


The Jens Jensen Legacy Project
hopes to rekindle Jensen's vision by:



  • Raising public awareness of Jensen's work and the Prairie Style of landscape architecture
  • Providing educational opportunities for adults and children
  • Enhancing current efforts toward the restoration and preservation of Jensen and Jensen-related landscapes
  • Promoting the Jensen legacy to inspire and inform future design



Private Garden, Highland Park, Illinois



JJLP offices are located in the Chicago Cultural Center,
78 E. Washington Street. Call (312) 742-1771 or email jjensen11@mindspring.com to reach JJLP staff:

Jo Ann Nathan, Director
Barbara Koenen, Project Manager
Anna Layton, Project Coordinator
Julia Bachrach, Chicago Park District Historian