5 Top Commercial-Grade Lawn Mowers for Professional Gardeners

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American National Standards Institute reviewed safety standards developed by Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). After a 5 year review, they have published new standards recently. These standards were derived by the experts and they were given to minimize the number of accidents that occur every year.

The manufacturers of commercial lawn mowers are not legally bound to comply with these standards as the standards are not enforced by any law enforcement agency. In addition to this, there is no hard and fast rule to find a commercial lawnmower.

Some mowers are built specifically for commercial use but they are not restricted to be used for commercial purposes only. Anyone can buy them for even residential use. Also, you can use a residential lawn mower for commercial purposes.

Commercial mowers should be strong and sturdy. They must have reliable parts that should last long after being used for hours every day. The cutting width and speed are also important factors that separate commercial mowers from residential mowers.

You might be surprised to know that all the types of mowers that we use in our residential lawns are being used for commercial purposes as well. What makes them a commercial mower is their sturdiness, reliability and speed otherwise there is no standard.

So, if a residential lawn mower meets that criterion, it can also be used as a commercial lawnmower. Below are some examples of the best commercial lawn mowers.

Commercial-Graded Zero Turn Lawn Mower

1. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Engine:  The power source of this machine is a Kawasaki FR691 Series engine which supplies 23 horsepower energy to this mower. The maximum power required for chisel plough is 15 horsepower per shank. You mower with 23 horsepower mowing delicate blades of grass is a giant in fact. It will mow around 1 acre in 20 minutes.

Hydrostatic Drive System: This system is the latest drive system and it requires almost no maintenance. The drive wheels are attached with hydrostatic motors which are connected with the lap bars or steer-bars. This is how you control the wheels using the steer-bars.

Cutting Deck: The deck size is perfectly suitable for commercial use. The deck can be raised or lowered by a deck lifting pedal and will give you a cutting height of 1.5 to 4.5 inches. Ariens used steel to build this machine’s deck to make it more reliable.

Seat: The high back seat is padded and comes with armrests. It can be adjusted forward or backwards to provide you with a comfortable experience.

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This is the best zero mowers commercial grade riding mower. This powerful machine is good enough to meet your expectations and it is not less than any other commercial mowers.

It is a reliable product and extremely powerful to carry its operations. We are recommending this product for its lower price and high quality as compared to other zero turn mowers in the market.

Commercial-Graded Riding Lawn Tractor

2. Husqvarna TS348-Kohler Tractor

Husqvarna TS348 for commercial use

Engine: This machine is equipped with an engine that supplies 24 horsepower energy which equivalent to around 780CC. This is enough energy to run a small 4 passenger car. It is a twin-cylinder engine that is more powerful and efficient than the single-cylinder engines.

Hydrostatic Transmission: This riding lawn tractor employs the same transmission system as our previous model but the only difference is that it is pedal operated.

Cutting Deck: The cutting deck in this machine is made to cut 48 inches wide stripe in a single pass using three blades at a time. This is smaller than our zero-turn mower but the best size you can expect from a lawn tractor. The deck is made up of the welded steed tempered to make this machine more reliable and strong enough to be used commercially.

Seat: It comes with a P-ZT premium high back seat. This material is physically strong, durable and comfortable. It can be cleaned easily.

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This can be the best riding lawn tractor for commercial use. The twin-cylinder engine ensures smooth operation and the powerful engine ensures that it will work without any issues throughout the year.

It is designed for all types of terrains and will never disappoint you even on a lawn full of weed stuff. It is a good fit for a commercial riding lawnmower.

The deck is smaller than most of the zero-turn commercial mowers but still, it is good and useful if you have a lawn with obstacles. Such a size is perfect to manoeuvre through the passages where a large deck mower is unable to reach.

Commercial-Graded Self Propelled Lawn Mower

3. Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Snapper P2185020E Commercial Lawn Mower

Engine: Snapper incorporated a 190CC Briggs & Stratton 850 professional series engine that comes with 8.50 Torque. This is will allow you to cut even 10 inches high grass like it’s nothing. The engine is electric start and will start quickly.

Differential System: It is a feature that serves in this machine to ensure smooth turns. It actually gives freedom to the wheels to spin at any speed that the traction will allow them. This feature along with 10 inches high rear wheels makes this mower highly manoeuvrable and helps to avoid grass damages.

Cutting Deck: The cutting deck is from Hi VAC series which is known for its vacuum-like grass suction technology which sucks the grass from the ground and cuts it efficiently. The cutting width of the deck is 21 inches nearest to the maximum limit for such self-propelled mowers.

Cutting Height: The cutting height comes with 7 different height adjustment levels. You may adjust the cutting height between 1.25 inches to 4 inches.

Discharging, Bagging or Mulching: This mower is on our list today because it’s a 3-in-1 machine. It will simply mow the lawn and discharge the grass as it happens in simple real mowers too. If you would like to bag the grass, the extraordinary bagging feature of this product is the reason some people buy it.

Moreover, if you prefer none of the above, this mower will mulch the grass and will leave it on the ground to get recycled.

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This is a perfect example of a commercial self-propelled mower. As it employs Briggs & Stratton’s professional Series engine, it reflects that it was created to be used for commercial use.

The technical specifications of this machine don’t give an impression of a residential lawnmower.  The design and efficient use of technology ensure high manoeuvrability and stability.

All in all, it is best for commercial use.

Commercial-Graded Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

4. Honda 662300 21 in. GCV200 4-in-1 Versamow System Walk Behind Mower w/Clip Director & MicroCut Twin Blades

Honda 662300 commercial lawn mower

Engine: Honda produces one of the top power products all around the world. The 200CC is created to empower this machine for varied terrains at the maximum speed limit of 3.6 miles per hour.

Cutting Deck: The cutting width is 21 inches and the deck itself is rust-free. It is a NeXite deck made up of an extremely durable polymer. It ensures resistance toward rust, corrosion, and dents.

Cutting height: It comes with 7 different cutting height adjustment levels and can be adjusted between ¾ inches to 4 inches to cut the grass according to what appeals to your aesthetic sense.

4-in-1: Normally, we hear about 3-in-1 mowers that are able to discharge, bag and mulch the grass clippings. Here we have a 4-in-1 walk behind mower capable of discharging, bagging, mulching and shredding the leaves. This is a unique product built by Honda.

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This walk-behind mower comes with very unique features and strength that it leaves all of its counterparts far behind. It is a powerful and reliable machine that is good for commercial use.

Its micro cut twin blades will give you the finest cut you can expect from a mower.

The best part is that it is CARB Compliant which means it meets the engine quality standards and unlike so many other mowers, it doesn’t pollute the air by the emission of gases.

Commercial-Graded Pull Behind Lawn Mower

5. ProMow 7 Gang Reel Finish Cut Lawn Mower – 9ft. 8in. Cutting Width, Model Number PO701

ProMow 7 Gang Reel Finish Cut Lawn Mower

Drive System: It is a manual gang of reels that are interconnected and are supposed to be pulled behind. It can be pulled with a small lawn tractor or any other machine with 12 horsepower energy supply.

Cutting width: The gang of reels has the matchless cutting width which is 116 inches (9 feet & 8 inches) in one pass.

Manoeuvrability: This mower is capable of moving around in 360 degrees like a zero-turn mower.

Cutting height: The cutting height can be adjusted between 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches.


This is a gang of reels that might seem like a huge machine lying on the ground but it is foldable. The unit as whole flax and follow the terrain for even cut. It is also capable of going reverse and can mow 4 acres in an hour.

Overall, it is recommended for commercial use. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Buying Guide:

There are so many companies manufacturing a number of models but hardly a few of them are labelled as commercial or professional lawn mowers. There are few tips given below to make sure you make the right decision when buying a lawn mower for commercial use.

Tip-1:  Always look for an engine with high capacity. The commercial lawn mowers are usually the ones that are heavier than the residential mowers. So, the engine must not wear out driving a heavy body for longer periods of time. It must be powerful and durable.

Tip- 2: Most the people only look for a strong engine but forget about the rest of the parts. You must find out how reliable and sturdy the body, tires and deck etc is. All the parts must stay for longer.

Tip -3: The deck size of the commercial lawn mower separates it from the residential lawn mowers. The commercial lawn mowers come with a larger deck size so that they can cut in a larger width in one pass. The deck size will be different based on the type of lawn mower you want to buy. For example, a commercial zero-turn mower with cutting deck 61 or 66 inches can be obtained but a walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower will be available in 21 to 24 inches.

Tip-4: The speed of the mower is an important factor. Of course! You want to have the job done as soon as possible. That’s where you need to consider the speed factor which helps to wrap up the work quickly.

What mowers can be considered commercial lawn mowers?

To be very honest, any lawn mower can be used as a commercial lawnmower. There is no specification for a commercial lawnmower. You can buy whatever suits your needs. However, some companies made some lawn mowers labelling them commercial or professional based on their capability to endure the commercial operations.

How much commercial lawn mower costs?

The cost of a commercial lawn mower may fall vary between $2000 to $10000 and it can be more or less depending on the type of lawnmower, deck size, engine capacity, and other features.

Which type of lawn mowers is preferred by the professional lawn mowers?

The most desired lawn mower is zero-turn mower. The zero-turn mowers are huge with the largest cutting decks. They are speedy, reliable and durable. Therefore, they are preferred by professional lawn mowers.

Do commercial lawn mowers last longer?

Yes! They do. They are made of high-quality material and are built to last longer. Those who have large residential properties or multiple properties, they also prefer the commercial-grade lawn mowers.

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