8 Best Residential Lawn Mowers: Riding, Zero-turn, for Hill & 1 Acre Area

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Not mowing your lawn and letting the grass grow more than a certain height is considered as a public nuisance in some states and cities of U.S. Moreover, states have also imposed fines on not mowing the yard and letting the grass grow above a specified height limit.

Height of grass above a certain limit is vulnerable to fire and also it invites unwanted plants to grow. Not only this, it becomes a shelter for several insects and poisonous creatures which can be dangerous for the children playing around and people working in the lawn or passing by.

It is crucially important for homeowners to take good care of their lawns for the sake of their own safety, for their community and of course! For the health and appearance of their yard.

All of those who don’t like mowing their lawn might think of such laws as ironic. To be very honest, lawn mowing can be a very healthy and fun activity if you have the right lawn mower for your residence.

For your convenience, we have researched and analyzed some lawn mowers to discuss in this article. We will help you to choose the best residential lawn mowers for your yard. So, read on.

Best Residential Riding Lawn Mowers

1. Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28 inch 11.5 HP 344cc Rear Engine Riding Mower 2691525

Snapper lawnmower

Engine: This lawn mower houses 11.5 horsepower (344CC) engine which is the right amount of power for a residential lawn mower. The engine is a 4-cycle OHV engine, these engines are popular for their power and efficiency.

Cutting Deck: The deck delivers a cutting width of 28 inches which will do an awesome job for the residential yard.

Cutting height: It delivers the height of cut from 1.5 inches to 4 inches whatever suits your aesthetic requirement.

Stand-on-Edge Capability: It occupies less room in storage for stand-on-edge capability which allows this mower to stand vertically. This feature also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Disc Drive Transmission: This transmission is reliable and provides you with a variable speed. It is a compact transmission system which works well for comparatively smaller power products like this one.


This is a compact riding lawn mower that can easily fit into storage without taking much space. It comes with a comparatively smaller cutting deck which quite reasonable for a residential lawn.

It is powered by a reliable and durable engine which supplies a boost of power to carry out its operations. The best part is the mower is available at a comparatively cheaper price.

2. Husqvarna LTH1738, 38 in. 17 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Husqvarna lawnmower

Engine: This riding lawn mower houses 17 horsepower engines which is equivalent to 552.5CC. The engine is powerful enough to deliver premium performance by furnishing enough power for better results.

Cutting Deck: Husqvarna’s model comes with a cutting width of 38 inches. It is a stamped deck reinforced with heavy steel to ensure durability and strength.

Hydrostatic Transmission: This riding mower features hydrostatic transmission which ensures smooth operations. The hydrostatic transmission provides variable speed without the gear system and it requires less maintenance.

Air-induction mowing technology: This technology draws air from under the deck to enhance the airflow which resultantly improves better grass lift and quality of the cut.

Steering Wheel: The steering wheel with a soft grip is ergonomically designed to ensure the rider’s comfort during outdoor work.

Seat: The mid-back seat is adjustable which makes it more comfortable for the operator. It automatically changes height when the operator moves it forward or backwards.


This riding lawn tractor is a good choice if you are looking for a riding lawn mower for your residential lawn at a reasonable cost. It comes with a variety of functions and strength to perform them.

The attachment options for different accessories make this lawn mower complete care for your lawn.

It is a compact riding lawn mower that can easily manoeuvre around in your lawn and get the job done within no time.

Zero-turn Residential Lawn Mower

3. Ariens Zoom 34 – 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 34 lawnmower

Engine: Ariens incorporated Kohler 6600 Series V-Twin engine which supplies 19 horsepower (660cc) to this powerful machine. It is a V-Twin professional-grade engine that is designed with lower vibrations to ensure comfort.

Speed: This lawn mower can propel at the speed of 6 miles per hour and the reverse speed of 3 miles per hour. Due to the high-end engine power, this machine maintains its speed even when facing tough grass.

Cutting Deck: The cutting width of this lawn mower is 34 inches. The deck is stamped and constructed of 12-gauge steel to ensure durability.

Cutting Height: This model tailors cutting height from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. The height can be adjusted with a foot-operated deck lift.

 Seat: It comes with a mid-back padded seat for a comfortable ride.


Ariens Zoom 34” is a compact zero-turn riding lawn mower that is specially designed for small and mid-sized yards. It means that it is useful for the residential lawns for its compactness.

This lawn mower is powered by a very reliable professional-grade engine which supplies enough power to tackle tough grasses while maintaining the speed which reduces your average mowing time.

It comes with a fully welded steel frame which makes this zero-turn riding lawn mower sturdy and durable.

4. Mowox MNA152613 Zero-Turn Radius Self-Propelled Lawn Mower powered by Briggs & Stratton

mowox zero turn lawnmower

Engine: It employs Briggs & Stratton 163cc InStart Series engine with 7.25 ft.-lbs torque. This engine combines the gas power and electric startups of Li-Ion battery. 10 minutes of charging provides about 20 startups. It is a single-cylinder engine that requires less maintenance.

Cutting Deck: The cutting width of this machine is 20 inches which is good for mid-sized yards.

Cutting height: It comes with cutting height range of 1 inch to 3 inches and features 6-positions of cutting height adjustment.

Self-propelled: This lawn mower is a self-propelled lawn mower with enough power to propel and get the job done.

Wheels: It comes with large rear wheels to ensure better traction and comfort. They are good for all types of terrains. Especially the front caster wheel can move this mower in 360 degrees angle and ensures superior manoeuvrability.


This walk-behind lawn mower is one of the beasts you would love to try in your yard. It is a zero-turn walk-behind mower which is fully equipped for tough jobs.

It is extremely manoeuvrable and turns with zero radii. All in all, it is a sturdy and reliable machine which will not disappoint you.

Residential Lawn Mower for Hills

5. Husqvarna 22″ Self Propelled 3-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine

Husqvarna 22 walk behind lawn mower

Engine: Husqvarna has incorporated a Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine in this lawn mower which supplies enough power to propel even on a hilly yard.

Cutting Deck: The cutting width of this machine is 22 inches. The deck is made of steel and it is powder-coated to resist corrosion. It is a reliable deck that will last for a longer period of time.

Cutting height: It can tailor the cutting height from 0.82 inches to 4 inches and comes with 9 different cutting height positions so that you can adjust the height as per your requirement.

All Wheel Drive: It features all-wheel drive which means that the engine supplies equal power to all four wheels for propulsion. This type of drive ensures better control which makes them perfect for hilly yards.

Discharge, bag, and mulch: This 3-in-1 unit will discharge the grass clippings while mowing. If you need a neat & clean lawn after mowing, the bagging attachment will collect all the grass clippings so that they can be disposed of later on. If you are concerned about the health of your lawn then use the mulching feature which will turn the grass clippings into tiny pieces to work as a fertilizer for your lawn.


Husqvarna 22” is a powerful machine for hilly yards. It is powered by a reliable engine that is designed for premium results.

It is a versatile walk-behind lawn mower that will reduce your actual mowing period with its wide cutting deck.

While using this mower on hills, we suggest you mow across the slope and avoid mowing up and down the hill.

6. Troy-Bilt TB490 XP 21-Inch 1 90cc 2-in-1 4×4 Self-Propelled Mower

Troy-bilt TB490

Engine: Troy-Bilt TB490 XP employs Honda 190cc GCV Series engine which is not just reliable but CARB and EPA certified which means it is comparatively eco-friendly. It is a 4-stroke OHC engine with an automatic choke system. It is a residential-grade lightweight and a compact engine with high torque to get your work done in time.

Cutting Deck: This lawn mower comes with a cutting width of 21 inches which is good for mid-sized yards.

Cutting Height: The cutting height can be adjusted up to 6 positions from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches to provide the results you desire.

All-Wheel Drive: It is an all-wheel-drive lawn mower which means better control on hilly yards.

TriAction Cutting System: The TriAction Cutting System includes a rake guard that stands upright the grass before it comes in contact with the cutting blade so that the blade can give an even cut. The third part of this system is the symmetrical deck that creates a vacuum that ensures better mulching.

Handle: The hand is ergonomically designed and it is adjustable to 3 different positions to add more comfort to your mowing experience.

Wheels: Rear wheels measure 11” in diameter and the front wheels 8”. The taller height of the rear wheels ensures better tractions and manoeuvrability. They make this mower suitable for all types of terrains.

Warranty: This lawn mower is backed by a 3 years limited warranty which means a warranty for only specific parts and specified defects.


Like our previous model, this one is also an all-wheel-drive lawn mower that provides excellent control and traction. Control and traction are the qualities that we should be looking for when finding a lawn mower for hilly yards.

It is a reliable and sturdy lawn mower manufactured for residential lawns. The power of the engine and all-wheel drive makes it good for hills.

Residential Lawn Mower for 1-acre

7. Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z242F Kawasaki zero turn

Engine: The powerhouse of this riding lawn mower is an 18 horsepower Kawasaki engine that provides reliable startups and enough power to cut through the tough grasses easily.

Cutting Deck: The deck cuts 42 inches wide swath in one pass. It is suitable for 1-acre residential lawns.

Cutting Height: It comes with 6 cutting height adjustment positions allowing you to choose what suits your requirements. The cutting height range is 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

Hydrostatic Transmission: Z242F comes with hydrostatic transmission which provides extremely variable speed unlike gear system and it requires no maintenance.

Discharge, bag or mulch: The cutting deck is designed to perform all the three functions effectively. It will discharge the grass clippings if would like so otherwise grass clippings can be bagged for easy disposal. The mulching feature can also be utilized to fertilize your lawn with grass clippings.

Park Brake System: The parking brake or emergency brake system gets activated or deactivated automatically when the steering levers are pulled inward or pushed outward respectively.


Husqvarna Z242F is a good choice for residential lawns spread on 1 acre. It has everything that is required to mow a 1-acre lot in an effective and efficient manner.

It is a reliable product and powerful enough to work in the toughest conditions. It is highly manoeuvrable and comparatively smaller which makes it suitable for residential lawns.

Mulching kit and bagging attachments are not included with the purchase and therefore, you will have to buy them separately.

8. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic 46-Inch Riding Lawn mower

Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic 46-Inch Riding Lawnmower

Engine: This model is powered by a 19 horsepower (540cc) Briggs & Stratton Intek engine which delivers power for self-propulsion in toughest conditions and for high-end performance. It is a durable and reliable engine that delivers convenient startups.

Cutting Deck: The cutting deck has a cutting width of 46 inches which is appropriate for the 1-acre lot. It features two wheels that prevent scalping.

Cutting Height: The cutting height is 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches and it comes with 5-adjustment positions for a precise cut.

Automatic Transmission: This riding lawn mower is incorporated with automatic transmission which means you get a variable speed that can be increased or decreased by using a foot pedal.

Steering Wheel: The steering wheel features a patented unique soft touch to ensure ease and comfort.

Seat: It comes with a mid-back padded seat which makes sure that the mowing job will be comfortable for the operator.

Warranty: This lawn mower is backed by a 2-year limited warranty which means the manufacturer will compensate only for certain parts and defects.


This lawn mower is a good choice if you want to buy one for a 1-acre lot. This riding lawn tractor is powerful, strong and a high-end performer for 1 acre or above.

Like Snapper 2911525BVE, it doesn’t come with a stand-on-edge feature for cleaning but it has an integrated deck wash system that allows convenient cleaning of this product.

Overall, it is a sturdy, reliable and durable product.

Buying Guide

All people have different needs and so their lawns. It is quite challenging for homeowners to find out what is best for their lawns. We are going to discuss some features and functions that will help you to choose a lawn mower for your lawn.


This is an important factor that should be considered at first when thinking about buying a lawn mower. Whether you should buy a self-propelled lawn mower or a push lawn mower depends on your age, size of the yard and your medical conditions.

If you are healthy and stout, a push lawn mower will add to your good health. But if you have a large yard, you can’t spend the whole day mowing it with a push lawn mower and you don’t want to exhaust your body. If you are a person with some medical condition(s), then definitely mowing with a push mower can be too intense physical activity that can be dangerous as well. So, if your yard is too large, you don’t have enough time to mow or if you have some medical conditions, you need to buy a self-propelled lawn mower.

Yard size:

The size of the lawn mower should be chosen by having the yard size in mind. If you have a small yard, you will waste a lot of money if you buy a big lawn mower. The lawn mower doesn’t have to be the best lawn mower in the market but it has to be the one that can do the job better than all others.

For a small yard, buy a lawn mower with a small deck size or cutting width so that you can easily handle that and manoeuvre around. A big lawn mower might not reach to the tight corners of your small yard.


Obstacles in a lawn can be the furniture items, flower beds, and trees, etc. If you have obstacles in your lawn, it will be difficult to mow it as compared to a lawn without obstacles. Your lawn mower should be good enough to reach every inch of the space to give you an even cut every time you mow.

It should be compact to get between trees and reach to the tight spaces and corners to get the job done nicely. Bigger lawn mowers are not that manoeuvrable at such locations. Zero-turn lawn mowers are ideal for such lawns but again, the size of the mower matters a lot for better performance and results.

Source of power:

The source of power is important in terms of performance. The electric lawn mowers are more than 80% eco-friendly than gas-powered mowers. They are cheaper in price and works best for small yards. For residential lawns, electric lawn mowers are a good choice as they make no noise and allow you the mow even in the evening without disturbing your neighbors.

Electric lawn mowers can be either corded or cordless. Corded lawn mowers work in a limit because of the limited extension cord. Whereas the cordless lawn mowers are mobile but you need to finish up your work before the battery gets exhausted otherwise you will have to wait until it gets recharged.

Gas-powered lawn mowers are high-end performers and made to tackle tough terrains. They maintain high speed while maintaining high performance. Gas-powered lawn mowers are not usually eco-friendly. They emit a gas that is injurious to the operator’s health and to the environment. Some gas-powered lawn mowers are certified to be less hazardous to the environment.

Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, and All-Wheel Drive:

Lawn mowers with front-wheel drive are easy to manoeuvre around. They give you smoother turns, whereas, rear-wheel-drive lawn mowers are stable when mowing on a rough or sloppy surface. All-wheel drive lawn mowers provide excellent traction in all cases. When used on slopes, they give you better control than the other two types.

Which lawn mower is best for residential use?

Although, it is quite easy to hand-pick the best lawn mower for your particular yard should be the one that will work best for you. We have discussed some lawn mowers in this article that will help you to choose the best lawn mower for your yard.

What is the best riding lawn mower for residential property?

Please read the article above to choose one.

What is the best month to buy a lawn mower?

It is quite beneficial to buy a lawn mower at the end of the mowing season when the demand is usually low. Demand has a direct relationship with the price so when the demand falls for a product, prices automatically fall down. So, it is better if you buy a lawn mower at the end of September or start of October.

What type of lawn mower is good for residential property?

Electric lawn mowers are usually good for residential properties. They are eco-friendly so they are hazardous neither to your health nor the environment. Residential properties are usually not too big and there are electric lawn mowers available that are capable of mowing up to ½ acre.

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