Top 7 Weed Eaters to Buy in 2020

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Weed refers to all types of plants that undesirably grow at any place and are not welcome. Their positive qualities are perhaps more than the negatives. Therefore, no one cares to have them grown in their lawns.

Weed plants are dangerous and must be avoided. First of all, weed occupies the land and stops the growth of grass. Secondly, it badly impacts the health of grass by soaking all the nutrients from the soil. Thirdly, they invite insects to take shelter into it and fourthly, it produces chemicals that are harmful to animals that graze on grass and human beings.

Therefore, it is important to remove uninvited weed from your lawn. In the pursuit of getting rid of weed and the invaders invited by it, many folks prefer to use pesticides and herbicides which cause serious health problems including cancer.

Peter Bergkvist of the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate (KEMI) once reported that Swedish regulators were committed to reducing the risks of pesticide use. Their aim was to suggest the less risky substitutes that were available. It would have been much better if the world could get rid of even lesser risky substitutes for the sake of good health.

In this article, we are intended to provide you with a better alternative to whack the weed in your lawn. We will discuss some best performing electric weed eaters to equip you with the knowledge required to choose the best electric weed eater for your lawn.

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Top Cordless Weed Eater

1. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

 Worx weed eater

Batteries: WORX WG163 uses 20 Volt lithium-ion batteries as its source of power. Lithium batteries are popular for taking less time to charge and for generating more power and runtime as there is no loss of power involved. Two lithium batteries are included in the packaging to ensure you will be able to use one while charging the other at the same time.

Weight: It is an ultra-lightweight product weighing only 5.3 lbs which is equivalent to 2.4 KG.

Trimmer and Edger: It’s a 2-in-1 machine that can be converted to either a trimmer or an edger quickly. It has dual-position wheels to support and stabilize which makes edging simple and convenient.

Line Feeding: It employs an automatic line feeding system which is named as Command Feed. It automatically detects the size of the trimmer line and release line when required. The line cut through 12 inches in one pass.

Shaft: The shaft has a quick release lever to expand that to different positions. The telescopic shaft is not just adjustable but too strong to be tilted in the 90 degrees angle. It slides quickly on opening or closing a clip on the shaft.

Flower Spacer Guard: This piece of equipment is dual function. It helps to maintain a space between the lawn and other plants that are not meant to be trimmed. It keeps flowers and other plants away from the cutting line. Also, it guides through the path when you are edging.


It is highly manoeuvrable and easy to use due to its lightweight. A small ergonomically designed machine can reduce your efforts and time and increase productivity at large. It is indeed a power capable of doing its job with precision.

It comes with a 0.065 cutting line which might not survive while dealing with tough weeds in your lawn.

Best Cordless Weed Eaters

2. Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger, 2.0 AH Battery Included 21302

Greenworks 40v trimmer

Weight: The product weighs 9.26 lbs which are equal to 4.2 KG. It is a lightweight weed eater that will start at the push of a button and easy to handle without getting your arms weary.

Pivoting Head: This model comes with the head that can pivot and adjustable to 4 different positions.

Trimming and Edging: It is a 2-in-1 weed eater that will not just trim the weed but will also edge your lawn with an edging wheel.

Cut Path: The cut path is 13 inches wide which is good enough for your ½ acres lawn.

Battery and Charger: The battery and charger are included and are compatible with model 29472 (battery) and model 29482 (charger). It uses 40 Volts battery with 2.0 Ah and lasts for 30 minutes.

Edging wheel: It increases the efficiency of the machine by making it quicker and easier to use. It keeps you from dragging it on the ground surface.

Spool Replacement: Spool is the rotating hub which can be replaced with GreenWorks Model 29252 and 29092. Both models are compatible with this machine’s spool.

Shaft: The shaft is telescopic like the shaft of an umbrella. It can slide in and out to make it short or long.

Line feed and size: Line feed is automatic which means you don’t have to manually advance the string. Your weed eater will do it itself. It employs a 0.065 inches single line.


It is a cordless electric weed eater that can be used for edging as well. A high power battery will give you enough runtime for weed whacking. It ensures smooth operations without making noise and keeps you from buying and storing gas or oil.

Overall, it is a good weed eater but if you have a larger yard, you might not like to recharge the battery.

3. BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 Li-On String Trimmer

Black + Decker trimmer

Battery: The battery used to run BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 is a 20 Volt lithium battery that supplies more power and greater runtime.

Trimmer and Edger: This product can be used as a trimmer as well as a wheeled edger. Edger with wheel support proves to be better as they keep you from grinding them on the ground.

Line Size and Line Feed: This weed eater incorporates a cutting line with a diameter of 0.065 inches. Unlike bumping and automatic line feeding whackers, this product advances string in a different way. You push a button to release the line.

Cutting path: It will cut through 12 inches wide area in one pass. It is very useful for the tight corners of your lawn.

PowerDrive Transmission: This type of transmission transfers more power from the engine/motor to the cutting system which enables the machine to take less time to cut down the weeds. In other words, it enhances torque.

2-Speed Control: 2-speed controls is to choose between two different speeds. If you choose a higher speed, it will power your weed eater to finish up the work in lesser time possible. If you choose the lower speed, you will be saving more battery runtime.

Shaft: The shaft is straight and adjustable for ease of use.


This is a perfect example of a small lightweight but a strong machine. The Power Drive Transmission supplies more power to get through the toughest weeds quickly and eventually, increases the battery’s runtime as well. 2-speed control gives you an option to control the weed eater rather than being controlled by it.

All in all, it’s a good machine and worth buying it.

4. WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10″ Cordless String Trimmer

Worx trimmer

Battery: WORX WG154 is incorporated with 20 Volt batteries which are a huge power source for a weed eater with such a small cutting diameter. The battery will fully charge in 5 hours and will give you maximum runtime to trim around ¼ acres of your lawn. It can be more or less depending on the size and amount of weed in your lawn.

Trimmer and Edger: It is a 2-in-1 weed eater that can be converted to eater an edger or a trimmer and the conversion process takes just seconds.

Cutting Path: The cutting path of this machine is adjustable between 10 inches to 12 inches. This is a unique feature of weed eater among all others on this list.

Handle: The handle is fixed and ergonomically designed to ensure better control.

Line Size and Line Feed: The diameter of the line is 0.065 inches. It has an automatic line feed system that automatically extends the line when needed to ensure consistency in work.

Spacer Guard: The spacer guard creates a space between the cutting string and the flowers and other decorative plants so you won’t trim them accidentally.


It is a cordless weed eater with enough power to perform its functions efficiently and effectively. It is another cost-effective product on our list. It will add great value to your lawn with its amazing performance.

We suggest you buy a strong 0.065 line for better results.

Best Corded Weed Eater

5. BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14 in. AFS Electric String Trimmer/Edger

Black + Decker Weed Eater

Motor: It employs 6.5 Amp motor which is quite good for this average-sized weed eater. The motor along with the Power Drive System enhances the trimming power of this machine and enables it to cut through the tough weeds.

Weight: It weighs 7 lbs which is equivalent to 3.1 KG. It is a lightweight weed eater.

Cutting path: It provides you with 14 inches trimming diameter. It is neither too small nor too big but average size for a weed eater.

Line Feed: BLACK+DECKER employed Automatic Feed Spool which frees you from bumping the head on the ground.

Cord Retention System: The cord retention system protects the cord from getting disconnected accidentally, you are operating it.

Auxiliary Handle: It comes with an auxiliary handle that is useful for providing support and stability while working.


It is a corded electric weed eater which very cost-effective as compared to other models in our list. This provides the maximum performance for its price. It found its place in our list of best weed eaters for its amazing features that makes it no less than any other.

It comes with a 2 years limited warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. In my opinion, it is worth trying.

Best Gas-Powered Weed Eaters

6. Husqvarna Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer 128LD

Husqvarna Gas trimmer

Engine: This weed eater employs a 28CC 2-cycle engine which is enough to power the trimmer head to cut through a significant amount of grass in a lesser time period. A 2-cycle oil and a mixture of unleaded gas are required to run it.

Weight: The weight of this product is 11 lbs which 4.9 KG.  It is quite a lightweight machine and easy to manoeuvre around.

Cutting Path: It has 17 inches wide cutting path which ensures speedy work.

Line size and line feed: It is designed for a 0.095 heavy-duty braided line for which cutting through the toughest weeds is a breeze.

Trimmer Head: Husqvarna incorporated this weed eater with the T25 automatic trimmer head that makes string reloading simple and easy.

Line feed: This powerful weed eater feeds the string when you gently bump it on the grass.

Attachment capable: This weed eater is designed to provide lawn care all year round with a variety of services. It is compatible with an edger that can set boundaries of your lawn, a cultivator that will help to till the flower beds and a pole saw to cut through overspread branches of trees in your lawn.

SmartStart Technology: It is always ready for weed whacking whenever you are. The SmartStart technology enables it to start with 40% lesser cord resistance.


The weed eater is built to be complete care for your lawn all year round. It is a lightweight but powerful machine to perform its tasks masterfully. The translucent tank allows you to see the fuel level easily which is also a unique feature.

Overall, it is one of the best weed eaters for its power and versatility.

7. CRAFTSMAN WS205 25cc, 2-Cycle 17-Inch Attachment Capable Straight Shaft WEEDWACKER Gas-Powered String Trimmer

Craftsman weed eater

Shaft: CRAFTSMAN WS205 has a straight shaft that can exactly where you are pointing it to and will even go under the heavy brushes to get the job done.

Line feed and line size: It uses 0.095 twisted line which is a heavy-duty line in terms of both size and shape. Twisted lines are good for thick weeds and grass patches.

The line feeds on a bump. It is a very simple process in which you manually advance the machine and slightly bump it on the ground surface which in return releases a certain length of the line.

Cutting path: The cutting path is 17 inches wide and it cuts efficiently using a 2 cycle or 2 stroke engine which gives a significant power boost.

Easy-start Technology: It is incorporated with a 3-step start technology. All you need to do is prime the machine, slide the choke toward “on” mode and pull the cord to start this machine.

Adjustable Handle: The handle is adjustable to many different positions on the shaft to ensure better control and to reduce the vibrations.

Attachment Capable: This weed eater can be easily converted into different lawn care products which could be a leaf blower or an edger etc, using TrimmerPlus attachments and other brands that are compatible with it.


This is one of the finest built weed eaters. It is capable of whacking more weed in a lesser time period due to its powerful 2 cycle engine, wide cutting path, and a heavy-duty line.

It is good to be used even you are dealing with the toughest weeds in your lawn. It is built to face all the challenges faced by a weed eater.

The lawn care attachments are not included so you will have to buy them separately.

Buying Guide


Lightweight weed eaters are easy to handle and manoeuvre around. Gas-powered and cordless weed eaters are usually heavier than corded weed eaters as they don’t carry a heavy battery and power equipment like in gas-powered mowers.


Electric weed eaters make almost no noise as compared to gas-powered weed eaters. You can use an electric weed eater even in the evenings if you have proper lighting in your lawn and it won’t disturb your neighbours.


Buying such products every year or spending money on their maintenance will break your bank. So, it is important to spend your money wisely after deliberate considerations. Always search for products that are backed by a warranty or a money-back guarantee to protect your investment. Buy a product only after knowing what it is offering.

String size:

If you are buying a weed eater for a lawn covered with tough weeds and bushes, you should buy a weed eater with a diameter equal or greater than 0.085 inches. Smaller the diameter size, weaker the like will be. If you still want to buy a weed eater with a thin string, at least buy a string with better quality for smooth operation.

Line feed:

There are some weed eaters with a feature that automatically advances the line when needed and there is some called bump feed. They release the line on gently bumping their heads on the ground. The third category of the weed eaters feeds line on the push of a button.

Important Tips


Whenever you buy a weed eater, always try to find a versatile one that is built to be compatible with maximum attachments. Such weed eaters can be used year-round and provide maximum lawn care. You can find many of them online, available at comparatively low prices but with maximum services in one unit.


If you are not a regular user or a new user, I would refer you to buy a weed eater with the following features.

  • Good wheel support in case you use it for edging
  • An auxiliary handle for better support
  • A strong shaft
  • Lightweight weed eater so ensure manoeuvrability
  • Automatic line feed to avoid the hassle of bumping the head of the weed eater
  • Spacer Guard so that you won’t trim down ornamental plants and flowers.


Weed eaters with better features and performance would cost you more money. If you have a small yard or a lawn that requires little maintenance an inexpensive weed eater will do the job.

Which one is better? A straight shaft or a curved shaft.

Although both perform the same function, there is a slight difference between how they perform. The straight shaft is good as it is long enough to reach straight under the plants and remove weeds. On the other, hand, curved shaft eaters are a bit shorter and therefore, easy to handle.

As a matter of fact, they are good at performing their job. It’s the consumer’s choice to decide which one will suit them based on their own height and lawn size.

What are the types of weed eaters?

There are so many types of weed eaters i.e. gas-powered weed eaters, cordless weed eaters, 4 stroke weed eaters, electric corded weed eaters, and commercial weed eaters. For a better understanding of them, please read the article above.

Are electric weed eaters as good as gas?

In terms of power, gas-powered weed eaters are more powerful and perform better than electric weed eaters but the electric weed eaters are better for being environmentally friendly. Electric weed eaters do not make noise and do not emit gases hazardous to our environment and health.

How to change the string?

Changing the string is requires having the correct replacement. First of all, you need to figure out which string is compatible for your weed eater as there are many but there is only one that your weed eater will operate with. It’s is better to call the manufacturer’s helpline to buy the correct one.

Almost all manufacturers have a little bit of different equipment from each other. So, suggesting one method won’t solve the problem. We suggest you call the customer support or use the product’s user manual.

Are there any weed eaters without string?

Operating a string weed eater or replacing the string can be uneasy for some people. Such people have an option to buy a weed eater without a string. Weed eaters without string whack weed with a spinning blade and they are available in the market.

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