Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers – 6 Popular Picks

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The Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, University of Texas Medical Branch managed 33 patients had injuries of the foot related to different lawn mowers from 1985 – 1992. Out of 33 patients who suffered from open injuries, 22 patients were injured with a push lawn mower.

Zero-turn lawn mowers are not just the fastest, fuel-efficient and highly manoeuvrable machines but they are also safer as compared to the other riding lawn mowers. They offer a better view of the lawn from the operator’s seat and better control with zero-turn radius and power steering.

Probably this is the reason zero-turn lawn mowers are more popular these days. They save your time and provide premium grass cut results to make your lawn look beautiful. The amazing features along with the ability to pivot through 180 degrees without leaving an unattended grass patch behind make it more desirable.

Like other traditional lawn mowers, zero-turn lawn mowers are also available in a wide variety. They perform best only when in the right place based on what feature they possess and the mowing requirements of the lawn.

For your convenience, we have hand-picked and categorized some zero-turn lawn mowers according to the landscape they can render their optimal performance at. This article will help you to choose the best zero-turn lawn mower for your yard. So, continue reading.

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for 3 Acres

1. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Engine: This mower is equipped with a 23 horsepower Kawasaki FR691 series engine which is equivalent to 726CC. It is a 4-cycle engine that comes with an internally vented carburettor and automatic compression release feature. This powerful engine is a commercial-grade powerhouse and built to deal with the toughest yard jobs.

Speed: The engine supplies enough power to run at the forward speed of 7 miles per hour and reverse speed of 3 miles per hour. Greater the speed, lesser the time and gas will be consumed to get the job done.

Hydro-Gear EZT Transaxles: This is a reliable transaxle manufactured by Hydro-Gear to handle heavier loads. The purpose of this mechanical assembly is to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels and also to split the mower to prevail variance in speed of the wheels to ensure safer turns.

Cutting Deck: The deck cuts a 52 inches wide grass swath in one pass. The durable is made of steel and it can be easily raised or lowered using a deck lifting pedal.

Cutting Height: It comes with a cutting height range of 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches so that you may go according to what suit your requirement.

Seat: The adjustable padded high-back seat comes with armrests to add more comfort.


Ariens 915223 IKON-X is a high-end machine built for larger yards and tough mowing jobs. It is suitable for 3 acres yard and it can mow up to 5 acres with ease. To mow a 3 acres yard it will take approximately 1 hour. For 5 acres are check out our collection of best zero turn lawn mowers for 5 acres.

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers under 5000 Dollars

2. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 lawnmower

Engine: A 27 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine drives this high-end zero-turn lawn mower. The engine is reliable and strong enough to supply enough power to this mower for self-propulsion on slopes as well.

Cutting Deck: It has a cutting width of 61 inches. The deck is made of 11-gauge fabricated or tempered steel. It can be adjusted up or down from the seat using an ergonomically designed system.

Cutting height: It comes with a cutting height range of 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches so you can choose what best suit your lawn.

Discharge, Bag, Mulch: The grass clippings can be easily discharged when mowing your lawn. However, if you prefer bagging, you have 9-bushel (Over 80 Gallons) triple bag collection system to collect grass clippings so that you can dispose of them easily.

You can also utilize the mulching feature to mulch the grass clippings and leave them on the ground so they can supply nutrients to the soil after getting decomposed into it.

Vibration dampers: When you cut through the thick grass, the cutting deck usually created vibrations. This feature will reduce the vibrations so you that you can comfortably mow.

Seat and handles: You get a high-back seat with armrests and the steering levers with foam-padded grips for the ease of use and comfort.


It is a commercial-grade lawn mower with extraordinary strength and variety of features. It is sturdy and reliable. It will mow your lawn in almost half of the time any other lawn mower will take.

It is being used for commercial purposes and residential alike if you have a large property to attend.

3. Swisher ZTR2454BS-CA Response Gen 2-24 HP/54 B&S ZTR Zero Turn Mower, 54″, Black

Swisher lawn mower

Engine: This zero-turn lawn mower is powered by a 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine which is equivalent to 724CC. It is indeed a powerful and reliable engine as B&S are one of the top manufacturers of power products.

Cutting Deck: The cutting width of this zero-turn mower is 54 inches and the deck is made of strong 11 gauge fabricated steel to deliver professional cut quality.

Cutting height: The cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches to get the results that suit your requirements. The height can be conveniently adjusted from the operator’s seat with a foot-pedal.

Rapid Response Control System: You might have noticed that it has no steering bars or wheel. Unlike traditional zero-turn riding lawn mowers, it is equipped with a new system that controls mower. This system is more convenient and responsive.

Debris Shield: The front debris shield improves the airflow and prevents discharge of the grass under the front of the mowing deck.

Hydro-Gear 2800 Transmission: Swisher incorporated this beast with a Hydro-Gear 2800 Transmission which is responsible for transforming engines power to other parts. Hydro-Gear 2800 is designed for tough and smooth operations for larger yards.


It is unbelievable that you can buy this beast at less than $5000. It is such a robust and will do everything on your wish list. Just sit and relax, command it and it is ready to go on 8 miles per hour. Amazingly, the reverse speed is also the same.

To increase your comfort level, swisher has incorporated a cup holder and an hour meter as well.

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers under 3000 Dollars

4. Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z242F Kawasaki zero turn

  • 18 HP Kawasaki engine provides reliable startups and a max speed of 6.5 MPH
  • Hydrostatic, the no-maintenance transmission is worry-free, allowing the mower to take on a variety of cutting conditions
  • A patent-pending park brake system automatically activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved outward or inward
  • The ClearCut deck offers a best-in-class 42 in. cut and better bagging thanks to its deep deck design, superior airflow and high-performance blades
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)

Engine: This zero-turn mower houses an 18 horsepower Kawasaki engine that provides easy startups. The engine allows to take on a variety of cutting conditions with a maximum speed of 6.5 miles per hour.

Cutting Deck: The cutting deck delivers a cutting width of 42 inches. The ClearCut deck ensures superior airflow improving the cut quality.

Cutting height: It ranges from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. To adjust the height, pull or push the cutting height level inward or outward to the desired height notch.

Hydrostatic transmission: This is the latest technology incorporated in this mower that enables extremely variable speed without the gear system. It requires no maintenance and it is completely worrying free.

Park Brake System: This system follows the steering levers’ movement inward or outward for activation or deactivation. Park brake or emergency brake will be activated when you move the steering outward which actually stops the motion of wheels.

Discharge, bag or mulch: It is a 3-in-1 zero-turn lawn mower that can discharge the grass or it can catch grass clippings in a bag whichever you prefer. It is also capable of mulching the grass clippings if you don’t want to both about emptying the grass bag. Mulching kit and bagging attachment are not included with the purchase.


The Husqvarna Z242F is one of the best zero-turn lawn mowers that is not just powerful and reliable but comfortable as well. The ergonomically designed control panel and anti-slip footrest area make this mower safe and comfortable for the operator. It is ideal for a 3 acres lot.

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for 10 Acres

5. Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW 31 HP/66 in. Kawasaki Commercial Pro Front Deck ZTR Zero Turn Mower, 66″, Black

Swisher lawn mower

Engine: Swisher Z3166CPKA houses the most powerful engine than any other zero-turn lawn mower. The engine supplies 999cc power which is equal to 31 horsepower. The power of the engine makes it the sturdiest machine to cut through the thickest and toughest grasses and weeds.

Cutting deck: It is equipped with a fabricated deck which is strong enough to tackle the toughest grass with extreme ease using 3 Gator commercial grade mulching blades (G6). The deck can be electronically adjusted up or down from the seat. It can be fully tilted up for easy cleaning.

The deck is designed to cut 66 inches wide grass swath in one pass.

Cutting height: The cutting height range is 1.25 inches to 5 inches. Its maximum cutting height limit is highest than any other zero-turn lawn mower.

Rapid Response Control System: The ergonomically designed control system makes controlling and operating this big lawn mower a breeze. It is equipped with a wide range of features unlike other lawn mowers and to eliminate the fuss of operating without complications, the manufacturer has incorporated the Rapid Response Control System which has simplified the process.

Hydro gear 3400 Transmission: This system transfers and controls the power furnished by the engine to ensure exceptionally variable speed to ensure absolute control in your hands.

Electric PTO Warner Clutch: It is an electric clutch installed to spin three sharp blades under the deck. The clutch is rugged design maintenance-free and only for commercial use.

Suspension seat: The adjustable suspension seat is more comfortable than a regular seat. It is vibrations and jolt resistant.


Swisher Z3166CPKA deserve the title “Big Mow” given by its manufacturer. This machine runs at 10 miles per hour and can mow around 6 acres in an hour.

This is a powerful machine that can tackle any grass length, type and level of density without hesitation. The use of technology and ergonomics makes it extremely comfortable and user-friendly.

This model is good for commercial use and for the properties spread on 10 acres or above.

6. ProMow 7 Gang Reel Finish Cut Lawn Mower – 9ft. 8in. Cutting Width, Model Number PO701

ProMow 7 Gang Reel Finish Cut Lawn Mower

Drive System: This is actually a gang of interconnected reels that has no drive system of its own but supposed to be pulled behind by a lawn tractor. At least 12 horsepower energy is required to get this whole gang to work which means a small lawn tractor will do the job.

Cutting width: The gang of reels comes with the cutting width of 116 inches (9 feet & 8 inches) in one pass which is huge and can cover the whole 10 acres in around couple of hours.

Manoeuvrability: It is zero-turn capable and that makes this widespread assembly of reels manoeuvrable and reversible too.

Cutting height: The cutting height is adjustable and ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.


The gang of reels is foldable for easy storage. The reels are connected in a way so they can flexibly follow the terrain’s ups and downs to deliver even cut.

It is highly eco-friendly and reduces your time and cost of lawn care. It gives scissors-like cut which is good for the health of your lawn.

Are zero-turn riding lawn mowers any good for hills?

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers work great on hilly yards. We recommend running your zero-turn lawn mower on your yard before you actually start mowing it. Without using the blades, run it around to get familiar with the landscape. When you start mowing, always remember to mow up and down the slope and avoid mowing across the slope. Always keep the mower in gear while coming down the slope. You should check out our buying guide about best zero turn lawn mowers for hills here.

Can you mow wet grass with a zero-turn lawn mower?

Zero-turn lawn mowers are high-end performers and most of them are built to tackle tough conditions but it is always wise to take precautionary measures for the sake of safety. Zero-turn lawn mowers are heavily built and therefore, they weigh too much to be handled if got out of control. So, it is better to not mow on wet grass.

What is the best zero-turn riding lawn mower?

We have given a list of lawn mowers above which can help you to choose the best one for you.

How much a zero-turn riding lawn mower cost?

The cost of zero-turn lawn mowers varies from one mower to another. The zero-turn riding lawn mowers have their own specifications and therefore, different prices. However, an average price range for a good lawn mower can be $2500 to $3500.

How does zero turn lawn mower work?

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers come with steering levers. If you push the levers forward or outward, the mower will start moving forward and if you pull the levers inward, the mower will move in the reverse direction.

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