5 Best Zero Turn Lawn mowers For Hills – Buyer’s Guide

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According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of injuries related to riding mower was around 35,000 during 2012 -2014. Those were the injured ones who were treated in an emergency room. In some fatal incidents, some riders fell under the mower or ran over by the mower.

What makes a lawn mower a perfect lawn mower for your yard? It’s your choice that makes a lawn mower a perfect fit for your lawn.

Some people need a heavy loan mower so they can get a strong grip on grass. Contrary to this, some have to encounter with comparatively more steep hills so they prefer engine power overweight because more the weight, more difficult it will be to go uphill. A powerful engine will be able to stand against the opposing force caused due to weight.

When it is about hilly yards, best zero turn lawn mowers perform better than any other lawn mower. The zero-turn lawn mower was first made in 1949 and took 20 years to get commercially known. Unlike other many models, it came and remained in the market and it developed with time to meet the present-day requirements.

Now, you know your yard but you also need to know about mowers. So, continue reading this article to find out the best zero turn lawn mower for your hilly yard.

1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqavarna best lawnmower

Engine: The power of the engine is the most significant feature of a mower for hills. If the engine is not powerful enough, it may become unsafe at some point. This model comes with a Kohler’s 26 horsepower engine equivalent to 750CC which makes this zero turn mower a beast for hilly yards.

Speed: Unlike walk-behind mowers, speed is an important factor in riding mowers. This lawn mower is manufactured for 6.5 miles per hour speed which is enough for a mower.

Park Brake System: Park brake, hand brake or emergency brake system is like the hand brake system in cars. You can activate this system by pulling the steering lever inwards and can inactive by pushing the lever outwards.

Air induction mowing technology: The basic purpose of this technology is to control the airflow to protect the machine from getting hot. The air induction process occurs within the deck. It helps to maximize the efficiency of the machine.

Cutting deck: The deck itself is made up of flat steel bars stamped with a compressor and that process makes it more reliable. It has a cutting width of 54 inches that covers a huge part of your lawn in one go.

Discharge, mulching and bagging: It has all three of the solutions whichever you prefer.

After mowing, if you prefer a nice and clean look of your grass, you have the bagging option. Your mower will cut the grass blades and will collect them in the bag attachment. You can empty the bag in the trash bin. Simple!

But if you don’t like emptying your bag more than once and you are conscious about the health of your lawn, you can use the mulching feature.

Mulching the grass means recycling the grass. When you mulch the grass, mower turns it into tiny pieces that go back to the soil and add nutrients into it.


This mower is a performer for hilly landscapes. It is designed and built to serve on larger and sloppy areas. As mentioned earlier, zero-turn mowers are the best choice for hills and this zero mower stands among the best zero turn mowers.

Please note that the mulching kit and the bagging attachment don’t come along with this machine.  You will have to buy them separately.

2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Engine: Ariens incorporated a 23 horsepower Kawasaki FR Series engine which is equivalent to 726cc. This supplies enough power to this machine to thrive even in the dirtiest lawns and is capable of performing upon hills.

Speed: It gives you 7 miles per hour of speed and 3 miles per hour reverse speed. I believe this is more than enough speed to mow on hills and exceeding this limit may put you on risk.

Hydrostatic drive system: Hydrostatic drive means the combination of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor to supply power. This system gives you a wide range of speeds unlike the speed range produced by the gear system.

It is a power transmission system which is good enough to enable this machine to operate smoothly and effortlessly.

Cutting deck: The cutting width of the fabricated deck is 52 inches. The deck made up of steel proves itself more sturdy and reliable.

Cutting height:  The cutting height in Ariens 915223 can be adjusted up to 13 levels. The cutting height ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. It is equally good for flat yards as well as hills.

Seat: You like a riding mower because it allows you to sit and relax while mowing rather than walking behind your mower. This mower comes with a very comfortable seat. It is a high back padded seat with seat springs and armrests.


It is a sturdy and reliable mower. It comes with all the best features that you would find in any other high rated mower. The high power engine has a high torque even at a low speed.

You might not like the fact that the product is refurbished which means you will receive an old product from the stock.

I would say that the performance of this product speaks for itself and it cannot be changed whether it is a fresh piece or refurbished.

3. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 lawnmower

Engine: It comes with a 27 horsepower engine which is more than any other lawn mower in this list. It is enough power to finish up your work in comparatively half of the time. The engine placed in this machine starts up easily without any trouble.

Cutting deck: The cutting deck or the cutting width of this mower is 61 inches. It is made up of fabricated or tempered 11-gauge steel. Gauge is a standard measurement to measure the thickness of metal. Smaller the gauge number, thicker the metal will be. The biggest gauge number is 1 and 11 gauge means approximately 2.268 KG steel per square foot and about more than 3 MM thickness.

The deck lifting system is designed ergonomically to increase the comfort level when you are making adjustments sitting on your mower.

Discharging, mulching and bagging: It has all three options available. A 9 bushels or 81 gallons triple bag collection options ensures that you won’t stop after a couple of minutes to empty your bag.

Seat: The seat placed on this riding mower is not just reliable, it is comfortable too. It is a high-back seat with armrests.

Vibration Dampers: When you mow your lawn, the deck is in a battle with the grass which caused vibration. You can feel that while sitting on your mower. This mower has employed a unique feature called vibration dampers. They are used to reduce the vibration effect caused by the deck when it is mowing your lawn.


This is the most powerful machine on this list. If it wouldn’t be the price factor (It is expensive than all the others), it would have stood the first in this list. The latest technology and ergonomics make this mower an ideal product for lawns on hills. It is a costly machine but the way it performs pays back at all.

Note: The mulching kit and bagging attachment don’t come along with the package and you will have to buy them separately.

4. Ariens Zoom 34 – 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 34 lawnmower

Engine: It has Kohler 6000 series V-Twin engine. It supplies 19 horsepower to the machine which a large number for the size of this machine. The V-Twin engines are more powerful than single-cylinder engines. The make the driving smoother and they last longer as compared to single-cylinder engines.

Though it is a small machine the engine qualifies to work on small hilly yards.

Cutting Deck: The deck size of 34 inches is ideal for a small and a medium yard. The deck is stamped and constructed of 12 gauge steel which means 1.984 KG steel per square foot and 2.656 MM thickness. You can lift the deck using a foot-operated system.

Seat: It has a mid-back padded seat to comfort yourself while mowing your lawn.


This is a small riding mower as compared to the previous ones. It is very useful for small and medium yards. If you have obstacles like trees in your lawn, this mower will be more easy to use. The smaller size guarantees quick and smooth entrance to any tight passage.

The engine is not that strong enough for the steep hills but still not bad for medium sloppy areas in a 1 to 2-acre lawn.

5. Mowox MNA152613 Zero-Turn Radius Self-Propelled Lawn Mower powered by Briggs & Stratton 725 InStart Series engine, 7.25 ft.-lbs. and 163cc

mowox zero turn lawnmower

InStart Technology: Briggs and Stratton incorporated instart technology in this mower. This technology ensures the effortless starting of the mower. It works as described by Briggs and Stratton that it, “combines the starting reliability of lithium-ion battery technology and the power of gas”.

Manoeuvrability:  This is a zero turn mower that is able to turn around in 360 degrees. You can lock it when cutting straight so it won’t suddenly change the path.

Engine: It has a Briggs & Bratton 725 InStart Series 163CC engine which measures around 5 horsepower. This is an ample amount of power for a non- riding mower. This means you don’t push this even on hills, it is built to walk through on its own.

Cutting Height adjustment: It comes with 6 different levels of cutting height adjustments. You can customize your mowing height depending on the type of lawn and grass between 1 to 3 inches.

Battery: The battery used for this product is the lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the best among others. This battery portable and will give you over 50 starts per charge. The best part is that the battery and charger are included in your package.


This one is cost-effective as compared to the riding lawn mowers and it does the best a non-riding lawn mower can do on the hilly yards. It is good for the lawn with obstacles and tight passages as it can go through any place that a riding mower won’t.

Mowing your lawn with such a mower can be time-consuming and when you spend more time, eventually you end up spending more of your energy too. So, if you are planning to buy this one, you must notice that you are going to work a lot if you have a large yard.

What is Zero-Turn Mower?

Zero-turn means that the turning radius of the mower is zero and the machine can turn around in 360 degrees. It makes the machine extremely manoeuvrable.

How does a zero-turn mower work?

The zero-turn feature mostly comes in riding lawn mowers and a traditional zero-turn riding mower has two levers connected to two different motors. These two motors are connected to the rear wheels. To move forward you push the levers outward or forward and vice versa.

If you want to turn the mower right or left, you will push one of the levers forward or backward respective of the direction.

There are many zero-turn mowers available today with a steering wheel to drive like a car for ease of use.

Can you mow wet grass on hills with your zero turn mower?

It is not recommended to mow your lawn on hills when it is wet, no matter what mower you are using. The moist grass causes the wheels to slip and it can be dangerous. Zero-turn mowers are usually heavier than the other ones, they can get out of control in such a situation.

Is it safe to mow on a hill with a riding lawn mower?

To be very honest, you can minimize the risks but can never get rid of them. Risks are always there even if you are mowing on a flat lawn. The zero-turn riding mowers are good because they are more powerful and can be easily controlled in any situation.

It is always wise to analyze your lawn and the mower’s capacity before you start mowing. You must know how steeper the slopes are and if the mower is good enough to go up mowing them.

The best practice is to practice driving your mower in your yard without using blades before you start your work.

How to mow on steep hills?

Always adjust the maximum cutting height. It will keep your mower from colliding into obstacles which can be obvious on uneven terrains. If you are using a riding lawn mower, avoid mowing side to side rather go up and down. The riding mowers are usually heavier and they may lose their balance while going side to side.

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